When it’s Android counterparts are already way ahead in showcasing a 5G phone, Apple 5G iPhone is still nowhere around. What’s the iPhone 5G release date?

Where’s the Apple 5G iPhone?

Is there no Apple 5G support yet? Where’s Apple’s 5G supported iPhone? Still, there is no sign of a 5G enabled iPhone from Apple. There are a number of such questions that put you in doubt over this iPhone. And Apple seems to worry the least.

Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many more Android brands have already come out with 5G smartphones. But Apple doesn’t care. One benefit of launching a 5G-enabled phone early on is to attract potential customers.

For the sake of curiosity and not being a face in the crowd, there are people who buy such phones, which are costlier at the moment.

The other take is, wait-and-watch. With such a new and comparatively untested mechanism, it’s bound to have pitfalls. The infrastructure isn’t relatively time-tested yet. And a glutch can prove to be costly.

The news was doing the rounds that Apple showed interest in buying the Intel phone modem chips. The acquisition finally took place in July for $1B.

The agreement enables us to focus on developing technology for the 5G network while retaining critical intellectual property and modem technology that our team has created.

According to Intel CEO Bob Swan Intel Working on Chipset for iPhones

An Apple 5G iPhone is very much on the cards. It’s always been discussed that a compatible 5G iPhone will only show up in 2020. Though there are Android phones already supporting the latest generation, it needs to be fine-tuned.

Another thing is Apple’s take over implementing the latest tech into its products. Because a certain technology is the latest in the industry, Apple isn’t going to embrace it. And it’s even more vital if the trend isn’t in-house. But introducing at least one iPhone 5G model could still have been a possibility earlier.

Apple isn’t a company that will stay away from an Apple 5G iPhone too long. And we won’t be seeing one before the dawn of 2020. 5G is still an infant. And will undergo various tests to make it mainstream. This will give Apple all the time to offer a much ironed out 5th generation to its users.


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